RxMOLD provides evaluations of Water & MOLD damaged residential and commercial buildings to protect occupants and structures from central to north Alabama.  RxMOLD completes preliminary and final scopes of work and as needed for proper remediation . We identify and inspect damaged walls, floors, ceilings, A/C systems, contents, and structure. We can complete comprehensive evaluations for residences which may include:

· Moisture Survey

· Cause & Origin Damage

· Insurance Claims

· Microbial Testing, Bulk, Swab & Air

· Physical Testing of Sheetrock, Wood, Cabinetry, Masonry, etc.

· HVAC Inspection & Cleaning

Symptoms associated with mold exposure - include allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory complaints; reoccurring infections which do not respond to anti-biotics; and signs of immune system distress, which may include - fatigue, head aches, nose bleeds, foggy memory, and muscular pain.

Licensed by the state of Alabama and certified by MICRO our inspectors have completed  mold assessments for residential, commercial and educational buildings. RxMOLD serves the very special needs of occupants, owners, insurers, and realtors by identifying and limiting damages and to facilitate swift mitigation and remediation.

We provide insurance and real estate pre-purchase and sales inspections. RxMOLD provides evaluations of residential buildings to protect occupants and structure. If mold is a problem in your home, school, or office, contact us immediately by phone or e-mail - or from contact us page.