MARCAS Insulation offers two premium insulation's to their clients at a price comparable to lower quality, less efficient products. 

Cardboard a premium, monolithic, spray-in cardboard wall insulation system has higher R-Values than foam with similar air infiltration values.  Cardboard materials have a longer fiber giving the material rigidity and structure within the wall cavity. Having a longer fiber also prevents the product from creating dust which is a nuisance to customers.

Monolithic spray-in cardboard insulation also provides our clients with not only the best thermal performance, but also mold, fire and sound resistance. *See our “Specialty” page

Our clients are able to obtain an even greater efficiency rating with our lowest tested R-value of 3.8 per inch and similar air-infiltration rating.  Compared to fiberglass, cardboard insulation does a much better job at resisting heat flow and blocking air-infiltration.  What this means to our customers is each month their cost to live in their home is less, much less.

Our products are made from virgin cardboard material preventing trash such as, plastic, rubber, twine and even staples from being blown into the home.  Most cellulose companies process their products through what is known as “fine milled” process.  This fine milling reduces the cellulose to almost a powder which leads to product settling in the wall cavities while creating a large amount of dust.  So don’t be fooled, just because it comes from a tree and is called cellulose doesn't mean that it’s the same.  Make sure that what’s behind your wall covering is there and there forever. 

Brown Fiber cellulose - is a clean cellulose material used in our attic applications.  This material offers true value to the contractors while supplying a quality product to their homeowner.  When it comes to attic insulation dust and material settling are two major concerns.  Our manufacturer has solved these problems by developing a “stabilized” material.  Stabilizing the material as it is blown  inside the attic removes the dusting while locking the fibers preventing the large settling issues found in other loose fill materials. MARCAS Insulation can also use this product in wall cavity application where budget is of concern.  So for the customer who wants a home that is substantially more efficient that fiberglass and is needing to stay with in a certain budget MARCAS Insulation is the answer.  However, if the client wants the best efficiency along with the quietest home on the block cardboard is the solution.

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